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Water Is A Miracle Worker

15 Apr

I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged lately. My MacBook crashed and I lost all of my files… However the kind and wonderful technician at the Apple store found them for me! My laptop is still there due to it needing a hardware part or something to that degree. So here I am, typing on my iPod touch. It sucks, to be honest.

Anyhow, what happened to me via the drinking of tons of water was so worth blogging on an iPod.

Lately I’ve been breaking out alot and I’m guessing it is because of exam stress. Well, just yesterday I decided to drink more water. So I drank tons of water (with a slice of lime squeezed into it!) all day long. Lo and behold, I wake up this morning and my skin has 80% fewer zits than it did yesterday morning! I was actually stunned! I don’t know it was because of the lime or what it was, but it worked!

So, if you struggle with the occasional (bad) breakout like I do, DRINK WATER!!!!!!!!!

That is all. 🙂

Love y’all!
– Sam

Keep calm and swag on.


Malo – Avicii

29 Mar

My co-blogger and I are going to see Avicii LIVE IN CONCERT on May 27th!


We are so excited, we can hardly sleep (and it’s only March)!

Here’s a little taste of what his music sounds like!


Love y’all!


Keep calm and swag on!

Pretty In Pink!

25 Mar

The other day I was looking an manicures online and saw a lot of ombre nails floating around. But, since I don’t have five similar (but different in shade) pink polishes, I decided to do a makeshift ombre manicure. I hope you like!


The two colours I used were Sally Hansen Insta Dry, of which the darker is called Fuchsia Flare and the lighter was Pink Blink. What I did was paint the three inner nails on each of my hands the darker pink, and the last two (ring and pinky fingers) the lighter pink. Lots of people thought this was a cool idea!

Also, my birthday was the other day (March 20th). My mom made this beautiful cake for me!!!!! Isn’t it lovely?

Alright guys, school is looking to be a bit crazy for me this week, so I may not post for a while. But I hope you enjoyed this one!

Love y’all!


Keep calm and swag on!

Ugh, Exams

22 Mar

I’m sooo sorry I haven’t been able to post much lately. School is becoming INSANE and I have have two exams today already!

I did a manicure the other day with two different pink polishes, so I will post pics of that soon.

But for now, school is my first priority!

Love y’all!


Keep calm and swag on.

I am the ‘New Recruit’

18 Mar

Good afternooon!

I am the ‘New Recruit’ Jodi that was mentioned in an earlier post!

I am very excited to start posting swatches and such. I am currently in high school, and I am very  busy with life. But I will try to blog/post as much as possible.

I hope you like what we post.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Keep calm and swag on.

Hot Water Hurts

14 Mar

I did such a stupid thing today. It started out with me putting water in a teapot to boil. Once the water had boiled, I put a teabag in my cup and held the cup up while I began to pour water into it. Then, only for a split second did I look away from what I was doing to talk to my mother, and that’s when it happened.

I screamed in pain, bolted to the bathroom, and let a waterfall of cold liquid run over my hand while trying to hold back my tears.

I accidentally poured searing hot water over my thumb, which now feels like its being jabbed by a thousand needles every second. So I bought some Ozonol and gauze wrap and made myself a mini-thumb-cast.

Moving right along, I tried out the new Nicole by OPI “Disco Dolls” colour from the Kardashian Kollection and I love it! Here is a picture of the colour, along with my poor, throbbing thumb. 😦


Enjoy your evening (or rest of the day, for wherever you are in the world)!



Keep calm and swag on!

New Recruit!

12 Mar

Hello, my dears!

I would just like to let everyone know that my cousin has now decided to join me in blogging!
Her name is Jodi and she loooves nail polish just as much as (if not more than) I do!
So, please give a warm welcome to the newest member of my team!

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday. More swatches to come soon!

Here’s what my nails look like right now (I apologize for the fuzzy picture)! This is “Gilty Pleasure” by Sally Hansen. It’s a beautiful colour and it looks minxed in the sun! One coat is enough, but I did two here. 🙂



Keep calm and swag on!