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Pretty In Pink!

25 Mar

The other day I was looking an manicures online and saw a lot of ombre nails floating around. But, since I don’t have five similar (but different in shade) pink polishes, I decided to do a makeshift ombre manicure. I hope you like!


The two colours I used were Sally Hansen Insta Dry, of which the darker is called Fuchsia Flare and the lighter was Pink Blink. What I did was paint the three inner nails on each of my hands the darker pink, and the last two (ring and pinky fingers) the lighter pink. Lots of people thought this was a cool idea!

Also, my birthday was the other day (March 20th). My mom made this beautiful cake for me!!!!! Isn’t it lovely?

Alright guys, school is looking to be a bit crazy for me this week, so I may not post for a while. But I hope you enjoyed this one!

Love y’all!


Keep calm and swag on!