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Color Club Poptastic (Neon Pink) Swatch/Swatches

17 Jun

There were huge sales going on in my little city yesterday, so, even thought I’m completely broke at the moment (thanks, weddings), I bought one nail polish by Color Club called Poptastic. This is from their Spring 2010 line, so it’s not a new colour, but it’s still amazing!

Here’s what it looks like:

This is what the colour looks like in natural lighting…. and this……

is what it looks like under flash photography!

It may seem red-red based in pictures, but in real life you can definitely tell it’s a blue-based polish. The formula is smooth and creamy and does not dry too quickly on the nail so you don’t have to worry about it clumping while you paint it on! This is TWO COATS of the polish; one coat is translucent so you’ll need two for sure. Three would make it 100% opaque. It is quite a bright creme neon pink and is lighter than other neons, which I love! The darker neons do not seem as bright in lower-lighting. You will not be disappointed buying this polish! I believe it is only available at hair salons or nail boutiques. I paid $5.00 Cdn for it, but keep in mind it was on sale. Anyhow, it’s Sunday, so I plan on relaxing for the remainder of the day! 🙂

Love y’all!


Keep calm and swag on!


I am the ‘New Recruit’

18 Mar

Good afternooon!

I am the ‘New Recruit’ Jodi that was mentioned in an earlier post!

I am very excited to start posting swatches and such. I am currently in high school, and I am very  busy with life. But I will try to blog/post as much as possible.

I hope you like what we post.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Keep calm and swag on.

Hot Water Hurts

14 Mar

I did such a stupid thing today. It started out with me putting water in a teapot to boil. Once the water had boiled, I put a teabag in my cup and held the cup up while I began to pour water into it. Then, only for a split second did I look away from what I was doing to talk to my mother, and that’s when it happened.

I screamed in pain, bolted to the bathroom, and let a waterfall of cold liquid run over my hand while trying to hold back my tears.

I accidentally poured searing hot water over my thumb, which now feels like its being jabbed by a thousand needles every second. So I bought some Ozonol and gauze wrap and made myself a mini-thumb-cast.

Moving right along, I tried out the new Nicole by OPI “Disco Dolls” colour from the Kardashian Kollection and I love it! Here is a picture of the colour, along with my poor, throbbing thumb. 😦


Enjoy your evening (or rest of the day, for wherever you are in the world)!



Keep calm and swag on!

It’s Almost My Birthday!

11 Mar

I am turning 21 in exactly 9 days! Too bad I don’t live in the United States, then it would probably be a bigger deal.

Here are some old swatches I’ve done in the past that I’ve actually had time to take pictures of, as well as some nail polishes I bought.

This was done at a friend’s house and I’ve completely forgotten the names of the colours. I know for sure that they were both Sally Hansen InstaDry nail polishes though. I had this wild idea to paint my nails entirely one colour, put a piece of scotch tape over them diagonally, and paint another colour overtop. This is how it turned out! I got complements on my nails every day after wearing it out!

These are three China Glaze polishes I bought at Sally’s one day after I first heard of shatter/crackle nail polish. I was sooo excited to try them out. They do work really well, but I’m not as big a fan of the crackle as I thought I would be. From left to right we have China Glaze Crackle Glaze in “Tarnished Gold”, China Glaze Crackle Glaze in “Crushed Candy”, and the last one is just a regular black polish, also China Glaze.

After Christmas (whence I had been given a Sephora giftcard) I decided to go to Sephora and buy the one and only thing I will never get tired of; nail polish. These two are both beautiful colours. The first is a medium cool grey called Sephora by OPI, “Frankly, I Don’t Give A-dam”. The second is a red jelly-based, bright crimson and silver sparkle polish called Sephora by OPI, “What’s Your Poison?”. In order to get a good coverage in the red, it does require at least two coats, preferably three.

This is what “What’s Your Poison?” looks like in natural sunlight:

Alright everyone, hope you enjoyed this post! There are many more to come.



Keep calm and swag on!